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How do you clean stains from fabric car seats?

Stains that become encrusted on car seats are very annoying not only because they degrade their appearance, but also because they can be the source of bad odors. Unfortunately, they are practically unavoidable especially when you have children or pets. This is why it is necessary to maintain your car seats. Indeed, you can deal with these tasks much more easily than you imagine. You just need to know the nature of the stain to defeat it with the appropriate stain remover.

Cleaning with ammonia

The water and ammonia mixture is an effective cleaner in any situation. Ammonia is also used in cleaning products found on the market . To effectively wash your fabric car seats, soak a cloth in ammonia and a little water and rub vigorously. Then rinse the product using another cloth, this time soaked in clean water and let it dry.

Be careful, ammonia produces very irritating vapours. To avoid having to breathe them during cleaning, remember to open the doors to ventilate the interior as much as possible.

Cleaning with white vinegar

White vinegar, a very common product and very present in the home every day, is one of the most effective cleaners for removing stains from the seat. This product has excellent cleansing properties. It has also proven itself in cleaning tiles, in disinfecting the house and in degreasing dishes. Similarly, it turns out that white vinegar is just as effective in cleaning fabrics. You can therefore use it to clean the stains that appear on a fabric car seat .

To do this, please dilute 50 cl of white vinegar by adding 25 cl of water. You will then pour the mixture into a bucket before adding dish soap. The next step will be to soak the sponge in the mixture and rub the stains vigorously. To finish, please rinse with clear water and let dry.

Cleaning with detergent

Detergent is a powerful cleaner. All you need to do is add a few drops to get rid of any localized stains that are especially difficult to clean, such as gasoline, blood or oil. However, the detergent is a powerful and irritating product, you must use it with care. It is recommended to use it while wearing gloves.

For the maintenance of your car seats, please mix two capfuls of detergent in one liter of water then provide yourself with a vacuum cleaner and a sponge. Soak the latter in the diluted detergent and use it to pat the stain so that the liquid penetrates the fabric of the seat well. You must then very quickly suck up the product.

How to detach your car seats with other products?

There are many other products that can effectively clean stains that settle on car seats. In addition, for a few years now, special cleaners have been appearing on the market that save water to do waterless cleaning . It is possible to wash car seats with these different products.

Prevention of stains on the seat fabric

A much easier way to take care of your car seats would be to prevent stains. Thus, you can choose to cover them with a cover to prevent them from being damaged too quickly. Car seat covers offer a big advantage in the event of stains. All you have to do is remove the covers and put them directly in the washing machine to remove the stains.

You can find them at auto centers or from a dealership. The promotional offers of supermarkets are excellent ways to save money and afford quality covers. When purchasing, please ensure that the covers are compatible with the seats in your car, especially if these have side airbags. With a budget ranging from 180 and 250 euros, you can get saddler covers, made to measure.

Leather Seat Care

The maintenance of leather car seats is a very good way to save money since it saves you from having to spend on new ones. Leather is a material that needs regular maintenance. There are products like neatsfoot oil that help it keep its texture as well as its suppleness.

To maintain your leather car seats, start by removing dry dirt and grease. For this you can use a vacuum cleaner or a soft cloth and a degreasing stripper. By regularly doing this action, you prevent dirt from integrating into the material in a lasting way.

The other essential step in the repair of leather seats is cleaning. At this level, products such as bleach or acetone are prohibited. Please prefer a leather soap or shampoo instead, to be applied in thin layers with a bristle brush. Be careful not to press too hard. It is advisable to clean using circular movements. If necessary, you can use resin to renovate your leather car seats. It makes the seat more homogeneous if it has cracks or small holes.

Finally, you can dye the leather of the seat using leather paint or a coloring balm without damaging its initial appearance, its suppleness and its smooth feel. Then protect the surface of the seats by applying a fixative which is an essential element for the preservation of the work that has been done. The fixer deposits a protective layer that reduces the impact of all forms of external aggression.

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