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The Joie Spin 360 car seat is a category 0+ / 1 seat . We will come back to the meaning of this in the purchase criteria. Quite light (13 kilos), it can be used for children whose weight does not exceed 18 kilos. This gives you good hope of being able to use it until it is 3 years old. In addition, it is very comfortable thanks to the possibilities of inclination of the seat (10 in total). Some parts are removable and detachable so that the seat can adapt to all sizes and morphologies… In addition, they are machine washable. In terms of safety, the Joie Spin 360 car seat has a 5-point harness with markers.


Double installation : it is possible to install this seat in two positions. The first in the opposite direction. A position that is suitable from birth up to 18 kilos. The second, in the direction of travel for children from 9 to 18 kilos. This last position is subject to a legal constraint of weight and age.

Seat rotation : the seat rotates 360° on itself. You can install it easily by swiveling the seat in front of you, before flipping it facing or rearward while driving. The 360° swivel allows the seat to be installed on any side of the car and in any configuration.

Safety : the seat is safe since it has a 5-point harness with red and green markings to validate the installation. In addition, it has a harness blocking tab during the installation of the child.

The Isofix base : it is possible to install the seat on an Isofix base in order to increase the feeling of security.


Weight : car seat  is relatively heavy. He weighs 13 kg. It’s not the heaviest in the category, but it’s still cumbersome to install and uninstall, especially if you plan to change your car regularly.

On some car models, the strut is not compatible with the vehicle floor. It is therefore not possible to install it, or at least with its Isofix base. In addition, check the spacing with your seat, at the risk of having the child’s feet or the back of the baby seat in your seat.

Our opinion in a nutshell

The Joie Spin 360 car seat is a great seat for toddlers and adults alike. Its ability to adapt to the morphology of the child (thanks to removable parts such as the newborn insert) allows you to trust him in any situation. In addition, Isofix compatibility, 5-point harness and attachment methods reinforce the feeling of security, much needed among young parents. With this chair, no bad surprises on the horizon! Finally, we really liked the possibility of putting it back or facing the road. Slightly older children enjoy seeing the road and their parents. Only black point, its weight and its size which do not make it an easy object to installor transshipment of vehicle. But let’s stay logical, this is the case with all baby car seats…

The Joie Trillo Shield car seat is a very good seat that offers many features while keeping a very reasonable purchase price, even outside of sales or promotions. It’s a cheap seat that keeps all its promises . The Joie Trillo Shield car seat has also been awarded for its good results in the European test of safety chairs in 2015. It is possible to attach it with the seat belt or with an Isofix base which allows you to attach the car seat with hooks. In addition, the belly shield provides very good security without being too annoying. Finally, it should also be noted that all the covers are detachable for easy washing.


Removable covers : who has never had a sick child in the car or who spills his juice during a trip? That’s why removable, machine-washable covers are perfect. This allows efficient and rapid cleaning (reusable the next day) in the event of an unexpected accident.

Security : attaching the seat is quick and easy, while being very secure. Proof of this is that the Joie Trillo Shield car seat was awarded the European safety chair test in 2015 for its good results. A test that not all seats pass, and certainly not with flying colors.

Extra options : The Joie Trillo Shield car seat has 2 foldable cup holders. This allows a child to put their juice or water bottle in it without risking staining their seat or the seats of the car. In addition, the head restraint is equipped with safety belt guides so that the latter acts optimally in the event of an accident.

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