repair your aluminum rims yourself

Bumps, scratches, cracks, holes, corrosion… aluminum rims are not immune to possible damage. A bad move to park, and it’s more unforeseen expenses to pay for repairs.

The good news is that you can repair your aluminum rims yourself . If you have the necessary materials and if you have the time to spare, you can completely restore your damaged aluminum rim.

When to repair your aluminum rims yourself?

The question indeed arises, because you must know that there are certain damages that you cannot repair yourself, and that even a professional in the field could refuse to repair himself. Before starting the repair operations, therefore, check carefully what type of damage the rim has suffered.

Repairable damage

One of your rims has been grated by the curb? The repair is possible if you find that the rim has not undergone major deformation . In other words, you can repair yourself in case of:

Irreparable damage

As you will have understood, once the damage suffered has deformed the rim, repair is not possible. At least, by you. If there is deformation of the structure , you must contact a professional who will decide if it is possible to repair or if the only solution is to replace. These options are possible in case of:

How to repair your aluminum rims yourself?

To repair your aluminum rims yourself, you must start with cleaning. You will then have to adapt the repair according to the damage suffered.

Cleaning the aluminum rim

Cleaning is an essential step. It guarantees the success of your operation insofar as on a dirty rim, details can escape you. The first thing to do is therefore to remove the rims and put it on the ground. Don’t waste time disassembling the tires, cleaning and repairing can be done with it. And it will save you time. For cleaning, you can use cold water mixed with detergent, but you should know that it is much better with hot water. Likewise, if you have a cleansing brush at home, that’s ideal. But if not, you can rub the rim with a damp sponge or cloth. They will do just fine.

In the event of scratches or scuffs, you must ensure that the damaged parts regain the same appearance as the intact parts. And for that, a single watchword: sanding.

To start , you must use an electrical device. It’s more convenient, it’s faster, but above all it’s more efficient. But you have to be very careful, because if it comes into contact with the tire, you risk damaging it too. Therefore, if you are a bit clumsy, it is better to waste time removing the tire, even if it means putting it back on afterwards. And this, rather than risking buying a new tire.

After this first sanding , when the damage is all gone, you will still notice a difference. To overcome this, take an abrasive paper and sand again. To get a nice even surface, start with the damaged parts first and direct the paper to the undamaged parts later.

To end on a high note , if you want to varnish your rims, you can, but note that it is not mandatory. In any case, remember to protect your tires by wrapping them before starting. Then take a silicone spray and clean the rim again with it, then apply your varnish.

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