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Used cars, by definition, are used vehicles, so they have been used before and are not new. It is then interesting to ask what was my used car used for before I bought it?

Cars called “second or third hand” are used vehicles that belonged to other people before you.

So-called “demonstration” vehicles are vehicles used by dealership sales staff on a professional basis (travel, road tests) or to show the car to a customer.

The so-called “LLD return” or “LOA return” cars are used vehicles that come back at the end of a Long-Term Rental contract or a Rental contract with Purchase Option.

It is important to seek to trace the use of your next vehicle and to identify several questions: the vehicle belonged to a professional, to an individual, for urban use, on the motorway as well as the frequency of use….

0km vehicles: officially considered as vehicles already registered, therefore second-hand vehicles but which are in fact almost new vehicles (less than 1000 km). This can represent a great opportunity to seize depending on the offers on the market. To be seen on a case-by-case basis.

What is a new car?

Conversely, new cars are vehicles that have never been registered on French territory. For it to be registered and recognized by the French State, the vehicle must be sold by a car professional (dealer, agent, mechanic).

By purchasing the new vehicle, the customer must pay the administrative costs for the first registration of the car as well as any taxes (these are the ecological bonuses and penalties).

It should be noted that any costs linked to the purchase of a new vehicle are penalties, which range from €50 for an emission level equal to or greater than 133 g/km to €30,000 for a level emission equal to or greater than 219 gg/km and more. Finally, the new vehicle has a financial value which greatly reduces the first years of its life. A vehicle purchased new can sometimes see its value drop by nearly 30% in the first months of its life.

Buying a used vehicle from an individual can represent many advantages. With in particular a more advantageous price, a good deal at stake, the simplicity of the purchase, the registration already made, etc

But buying a used vehicle from a private individual can also be a source of problems: hidden defects, unexpected repair costs or other unspecified problems.

So buying a used car between individuals is not necessarily the right choice no matter what. Indeed, if you don’t have any technical knowle

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